“Life is constantly evolving. It is imperative that we acknowledge this and strive to evolve too. Never stay in a situation that doesn’t help you transform mentally, physically and emotionally.”

Sairam Ramaswamy, fondly addressed as Sai, firmly believes and operates on the above paradigm. He is an example of how, with conscious determination, one can completely metamorphose into leading the ideal lifestyle.

A capital market specialist by profession, he is a passionate fitness enthusiast,
a triathlete, a nutrition specialist and an avid trekker.



  • Sai has cycled around 40,000 km and still counting.
  • A double Super Randonneur [SR]
  • Completed 1000 km Brevet
  • Enthusiastic participant of the Tour of Tamilnadu.


  • Two Full Marathons done in Sub 5 hour timing. One in Mumbai and one in Bengaluru.
  • We stopped counting his HMs.
  • An Ultra Marathoner
  • 10K runs are a weekly feature.


  • When Sai likes to get lost in the right direction, off he goes to the Himalayas. He has done this five consecutive years. The degree of difficulty increases along with the altitude. The highest so far being 5500 metres.

Sai is one of the founders of Madras Mustangs,
a cycling and running group with over 200 members worldwide.

He is a specialist in fitness nutritionist certified from
International Sports Science Association [ISSA]