Sai, a completely self motivated person has accomplished a lot in the fitness realm. He ensures that he celebrates his milestones and simultaneously gears himself up for the road ahead.

His milestones below are filled with numerous unforgettable moments. Reach out to him to know more..You will be surprised to see how he talks about them with the same passion over the years.


  • Sai has cycled around 40,000 km and still counting.
  • A double Super Randonneur [SR]
  • Completed 1000 km Brevet
  • Enthusiastic participant of the Tour of Tamilnadu.


  • Two Full Marathons done in Sub 5 hour timing. One in Mumbai and one in Bengaluru.
  • We stopped counting his HMs.
  • An Ultra Marathoner
  • 10K runs are a weekly feature.


  • When Sai likes to get lost in the right direction, off he goes to the Himalayas. He has done this five consecutive years. The degree of difficulty increases along with the altitude. The highest so far being 5500 metres.


Sai has a certification from International Sports Science Association (ISSA) as a Specialist Fitness Nutritionist.

The realisation that dieting isn’t starving urged Sai to start his own nutrition program called Mitahara. It surely did bust the myth about food. Mitahara is not a magic pill or capsule that can be described in a ! few lines
Read here to know more about Mitahara.

Strength Training

Running or cycling or trekking or any other physical activity has one very vital requirement that cannot be compromised. And that is “Strength Training”. This helps you develop better body mechanics alongwith your coordination and posture. It helps you get stronger and fitter by preventing loss of bone health and muscle mass.

Sai has successfully completed Level 1 certification course in Kettlebell training from Strongfirst Kettlebell Course.

Sai reminds us of the famous adage “When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.” by Napoleon Hill.

Social Responsibility

Sairam Ramaswamy [SR] takes his name very seriously. Besides being a Super Randonneur, Sai’s Social Responsbility streak is very dominant.

Sai runs a charitable institution Ramu Lalitha Trust in memory of his parents. The sole aim of the Trust is to identify and assist the lesser privileged people or those affected by some natural calamities.

Sai’s theory is that if you educate a child, you educate a family. This was imbibed into him by his parents. The Trust sponsors the education of deserving students whose families are unable to meet such expenses.